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Breathing potential

Transformational Breathing is a gentle, simple technique that helps people to open up the full potential of their breathing system for better physical and emotional well-being. It teaches a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy which has been demonstrated to have many benefits, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress.

Developed by Dr Judith Kravitz , Transformational Breathing is taught as a powerful self help tool, by fully trained facilitators to give each person an understanding of how they can work with their own breath on an ongoing basis to create personal transformation. It can be used to great effect either on its own, or in combination with other types of healing / treatment.

Oxygen is an extremely important resource to our bodies.  All of our cells, and organs are dependent on high levels of oxygen to be able to function properly.  When the breathing becomes restricted, we limit the amount of this precious fuel we receive and the whole system is compromised.  This may show up in physical illness, a general lack of energy, or feeling emotionally drained or upset.  Restricted breathing can be caused by emotional upset: we hold our breath to prevent ourselves being overwhelmed by our feelings and when this becomes habitual we lose the ability to breathe deeply and connect to our spiritual well being.

Transformational Breath Facilitators observe the breath and see physically where the breath is being held and where any blockages may be.  They will then use simple techniques including adjusting the position of the body, gentle hands-on pressure, sound techniques and positive affirmations to help the breath to open up and flow more freely.  With regular, brief periods of practice as recommended by the facilitator, the breath will begin to flow more freely at all times and it is common for people to report better health, mental clarity and emotional freedom.

Transformational Breathing is simple to learn and suitable for people of all ages, from newborn to old age.  A few sessions will enable you to use this technique for yourself as a lifelong tool.

Transformational Breathing is practiced fully clothed although you may be advised to loosen any restrictive clothing such as tight belts.

Did you know that around 90% of the population has restricted breathing patterns, even though most people aren’t aware of this?