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Relax with a holistic massage, Edinburgh

What is holistic massage?

The stresses and strains of life affect us all differently, and we all hold tension in different parts of our bodies. Holistic massage is all about tailoring the perfect treatment to your particular needs. Oil-based Swedish massage (Effleurage, Petrissage, Percussion) techniques may be supplemented by deep tissue work, energy holds, visualisation and breath work.  There is no set routine as my aim is to help your body heal itself by restoring its natural balance.

What will happen during your holistic massage session?

After a consultation and discussion to understand your intention for the session I will ask you to lie on the massage bed covered in a warm towel and relax.  Using a combination of Swedish massage and other techniques, as described above, I focus on creating the session your body needs. To encourage your body to release physical and emotional tension, this may involve applying variations of pressure or speed. I guarantee you will always leave your session feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Chair Massage Edinburgh

Short of time? Don’t want to undress? Enjoy an invigorating, effective acupressure massage in just 30 mins in my specially designed massage chair. Simply relax and let me work away the tension from your back, arms, hands, shoulders neck and head.  Chair massage is available at my Colinton practice, or, if possible, at your place of work.  It’s the perfect stress-reliever for busy office workers!

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To book a session
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