“I have been going to Anne-Marie for a couple of years now, initially for Transformational Breath®. Anne-Marie’s love and enthusiasm for what she does shines through in her sessions. She is a very talented facilitator who is highly intuitive, wise and attentive to her clients. She creates a very safe space so instantly one feels comfortable in her presence. Anne-Marie is incredibly supportive, compassionate and encouraging. It is a very precious thing to feel completely held, accepted and unconditionally. I find Transformational Breath® to be a very powerful technique for healing and the difference in my breath pattern at the end of the session is testament to how important a tool our breath is and how it influences how we feel. My breath always feels so free and unrestricted afterwards.
Oh, and did I mention Anne-Marie’s massages? Wow! My shoulders still feel great weeks on and that’s unheard of for me. I find that sessions combining massage with Transformational Breath® are even more powerful and serve as a wonderful catalyst for deep healing. I really cannot recommend Anne-Marie highly enough – she is a very special person. I always leave feeling renewed, relaxed and at peace. At the end of each session I am always overflowing with gratitude and I feel truly blessed to have found Anne-Marie.”

– Sarah-Fiona

“Anne-Marie is a dedicated and gifted teacher of Transformational Breath®. She creates a very safe, loving and healing space for those she facilitates. This frees each person to explore their own potential for growth through the power of the breath.”

– Laura

“I was sceptical about how Transformational breathing could help me but I was open to giving it a go. It was easy to be open with Anne-Marie and as we discussed the background and process of Transformational breathing any anxiety I felt quickly disappeared.

As we began the session, I thought ‘how hard can this be, it’s just breathing’.  The reality is it isn’t hard at all but the process of increasing your vibration through connected breath is much more powerful than I ever could have expected!  I could feel the energy move through my body and start to move through the blockages, releasing stored emotions. Toning when it felt difficult also allowed for a stronger connection to my blocked emotion, allowing it to be released safely and without traumatic memory. During that first session I was also amazed to feel the presence of spiritual energy supporting me through my session and am pleased that it has stayed with me in further sessions.

When my first session was over I felt lighter and much more at peace with myself than I had for a long time and I knew that this was a start of a fantastic new journey in my life. I have returned for quite a few private sessions with Anne-Marie and went on to take part in the Transformational Breath Foundation’s Personal Development Programme. I look forward to each step in my journey with every session.”

– Shona

“… the advertising sounded a bit too good to be true if I’m honest. Now, here I am on my way to training as a practitioner. It did not just help me physically and emotionally, I saw time and again the benefits on those using Transformational Breath® around me. I recommend this to anyone who will listen, even if you’re a sceptic like I was.  It works.”

– Denise

“I was amazed at how being  conscious of my breath brought me in touch with my life, and how my breathing reflected my restrictions in the way I live my life, and how I free up the restrictions in my life by freeing up my breathing. Transformational breathing is such an amazing tool – it really is transformational!”

– Jane

“My life has changed beyond recognition during the time I’ve been doing breath work. It’s taken me from being housebound with severe M.E. to leading the life I love. After years of feeling helpless to change my life, I now feel so empowered and in charge.”

– Morag

“Anne-Marie is a wonderful therapist, full of empathy, compassion and is great at putting you at ease.  If you commit yourself to the Transformational Breath® session you cannot fail to have a good outcome. I have found her work very powerful in opening up my breath and letting go of emotional and traumatic incidents.”

– Martin

“I became aware of my breath and how constricted it became when I am tense. My ability to eat foods that have been problematic has improved greatly. When I start to get into stuff from the past I can step back and choose to focus on something else- something beautiful. My cognitive function, stamina, self confidence and general well being have improved greatly. It has accelerated my recovery from years of ME.”

– Elspeth

“I have been going to Anne-Marie Birch at Thuja for CranioSacral Therapy and massage for quite a few years now and have to say it is a wonderful experience every time. Anne-Marie’s unfailing attention to detail and amazing touch leave me feeling new and invigorated.  I would recommend both Anne-Marie and Thuja anytime!”

– Fiona

“I remember once working on a big project which meant I was pushing myself to the max.   20 mins of on-site massage with Anne Marie had more benefit than an hour of any other massage I’ve ever had. I’d walk back into the office feeling transformed and ready to deal with challenging situations calmly and efficiently.   Anne Marie is also very knowledgeable about many new age treatments and the thought processes behind these. She’s a joy and inspiration to be around. I’d highly recommend her on-site massage for any forward thinking and busy organisation.”

– Lester

“After only 20 mins of massage from Anne-Marie I was able to de-stress and focus better on my work priorities. Anne-Marie combines her psychological intelligence with excellent muscle tension releasing skills, she also exudes an infectious positivity which encourages and inspires. I highly recommend her.”

– Rachel

“Anne-Marie is a compassionate and caring therapist and has many therapeutic skills but I especially enjoy her wonderful massages which help ease away tension and reduce stress levels.  She truly has magical healing hands.”

– Jennifer

“Treatment with Anne-Marie is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It doesn’t matter which part of me hurts, she is able to fix it and leaves me feeling more flexible and pain free.”

– Alison

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