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What is Transformational Breath ®?Transformational Breath Edinburgh

Transformational Breath is an empowering form of conscious, connected breathing to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  This form of breath work, which was co-developed by Dr Judith Kravitz, is safe and easy to learn and practice. In a facilitated session, the technique also employs gentle body mapping (similar to acupressure), movement and sound. Transformational Breath ® ultimately aims to reconnect you to your innate sense of joy, peace and well being by identifying and clearing suppressed or repressed negative emotions held in the body.

Breath work has been at the heart of eastern healing and meditative practices for centuries but, in the past few decades, the health and life-enhancing benefits of the breath have increasingly been acknowledged in the west. Our breath affects the function of every cell in our bodies, so if we restrict our breath we restrict how we live.

The good news is if we learn to breathe fully and openly we allow our lives to fully open. All my clients agree that Transformational Breath ® really is aptly named!

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What are the benefits of Transformational Breath ®?

Emotional benefits

When we’re stressed or if we experience a traumatic event we often suppress uncomfortable emotions as a way of coping. Unfortunately, suppressed emotions have a habit of resurfacing! Mull over a problem or relive a past trauma in your head, and, wham,  before you know it, you’re trapped in a thought-emotion-behaviour cycle that feels like it’ll never end!

So what’s the solution? One of the key benefits of Transformational Breath ® is that it works by bypassing the mind and instead helps you integrate suppressed or repressed emotional blockages at an energetic level. Clients often experience a very tangible sense of ‘permanent release’ during a session that often surprises them. Every breath session is different and you can expect over time to experience a whole range of emotions and emotional benefits as limiting beliefs, past traumas, negative thought patterns and behaviours (eg. anger and depression) are permanently integrated.  Transformational Breath ® is about being present, looking forward and focusing on what you want more of in your life. So by all means ask for more joy, peace, and happiness from your session!

Physical benefits

Most people only use 25% of their respiratory system, and restricted breathing patterns greatly reduce the amount of energy we have day-to-day even when we are otherwise healthy. Much of  our energy comes from the breath, so a connected diaphragmatic breath is paramount to the Transformational Breath ® process. It is relaxing and proven to positively affect the heart, brain, digestive and immune systems.

The physical benefits reported by clients include: increased energy and a sense of peace, stimulated circulation, resolution of addictions, successful weight management, relief from headaches and respiratory disorders. There are also studies showing the benefits of breathing for elevated blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, lymphatic system, detoxification, asthma and other diseases.

Spiritual awareness

Transformational Breath ® has no religious affiliation or dogma and none is required for the technique to bring positive results. However, clients often report that they experience a deeper connection with their spiritual or Higher Self during a session, or that it brings new perspectives or insights to light. Many clients also have reported an expansion in their meditation and awareness.


What happens in your Transformational Breath ® session?

Your session will be held in a beautiful, relaxing and safe space and normally lasts between an hour and a half and two hours.  You will lie on a comfortable ‘breathing space’ on the floor and you remain fully clothed, although I’d recommend wearing loose, unrestricted clothing.

After a few preliminary questions I will explain the connected breath technique and discuss with you what you would like your intention for the session to be. I will then observe your breath for a few minutes to identify where you have any blocks in your breathing pattern.  I may adjust the position of your body to assist your breathing, before using gentle hands-on pressure and positive affirmations. Sometimes I may ask you to make sounds or move your arms and legs to help you open up your breath and integrate any suppressed or repressed emotions.

Every Transformational Breath ® session is different but, rest assured, you will always feel safe, supported and transformed by the breath.

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Transformational Breath ® Training and Workshops

As well as private and small group sessions, throughout the year I also run evening and day workshops and co-train on the Transformational Breath Foundation’s level 1-4 training programmes.

The Transformational Breath Foundation‘s training follows a structured programme. This allows you to progress at your own pace and to the level you feel comfortable with. Training is divided into two paths:  personal level training and professional level training:

Personal Level Training

The personal level training is a six-day personal transformation programme. This is broken down into manageable levels:  one, two and three. The programme can be taken as a six-day seminar, over three weekends, or as one weekend and a four-day block. Taking part offers the potential for rapid healing and a transformation of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.

Professional Level Training

People who have completed the Personal Level Training can choose to take the Professional Level Training to become Transformational Breath ® Facilitators. Known as level four, this consists of a 15-day training course followed by two weeks of supervised facilitation at Seminar programmes. Recipients of level four certification may consider working towards level five which, upon completion, enables you to teach.

If you would like more information about the Personal or Professional Level Training programmes, or any of my Edinburgh workshops, please check out What’s On or Contact me.

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