Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly

Breath Deep Laugh LoudlyBreath Deep Laugh Loudly by Dr. Judith Kravitz

Transformational Breath® can help you to utilise the maximum potential of your respiratory system, leading to a higher sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. It focuses around a pattern of conscious breathing that is safe, healthy, but above all else, natural. This method will lead to increased energy along with an increased level of oxygenation throughout the body, and increased ability to deal with stress in a positive manner.
It is said that changing your breathing is one of the quickest and most effective way of changing how you feel, and the theory has been practiced in the East as a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment for many centuries. Only recently have western researches discovered that altering the way and the manner in which you breathe, you can alter your mental and emotional states. By changing the depth, rhythm and rate of our breathing, we can consciously change our chemistry, outlook and attitude.

“Breathing is the one involuntary metabolic function that becomes voluntary the moment we choose to take the reigns. This begins to explain why transformational breathing ultimately leads to the experience of co-creating our lives consciously, instead of being the result of random thoughts and events. We can choose to be at the mercy of life, or we choose to master it. Relax…choices are easy once you know how to access answers and energy though the breath connection. If this sounds too good to be true…breathe. Simple proof could be yours in one session.” – Dr. Judith Kravitz

Dr Judith Kravitz’s book, “Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly” can be purchased in the UK. To buy, please visit the book’s purchase page.